Bird’s Nest Cookies

Martha Stewart’s Bird’s Nest Cookies

I meant to post this when I made these at Easter time, but life got in the way…

Here we have crumbly, buttery chocolate cookies, spread with whipped ganache:



And topped with coconut and jelly beans to create these springtime treats:



Peppermint Fudge

Peppermint Fudge, adapted from

This is a fail-proof, super-simple basic fudge recipe.  For a holiday treat, I stirred 1 cup of peppermint baking chips into the fudge before pouring it in the pan, and sprinkled the remaining baking chips from the bag on top of the fudge before it cooled.


Candy-Topped Graham Crackers

Candy-Topped Graham Crackers, inspired by a Betty Crocker recipe

With leftover candy coating from making Christmas Tree Cake Pops and leftover candy canes from making Chocolate Spoons, I figured I could  decorate something to use up these ingredients.  Inspired by this Betty Crocker recipe, I dipped graham crackers (I didn’t make my own this time) into the melted candy coating and topped them with crushed candy canes to make a small festive treat.


Christmas Tree Cake Pops

Christmas Tree Cake Pops, adapted from Bakerella’s Cake Pops and Clare O’Connell’s Pop Bakery

For these cake pops I mixed together a crumbled chocolate sponge cake and vanilla buttercream to form a moist, cakey base.  Unlike most cake pops, though, which are round, I shaped these pops into cones so they would resemble Christmas tree shapes once decorated:


After dipping the cones in green candy coating, I dragged a toothpick through the coating to give the trees more texture, and topped each pop with little star:


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