Bird’s Nest Cookies

Martha Stewart’s Bird’s Nest Cookies

I meant to post this when I made these at Easter time, but life got in the way…

Here we have crumbly, buttery chocolate cookies, spread with whipped ganache:



And topped with coconut and jelly beans to create these springtime treats:



Creme Eggs

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who look forward to the return of Cadbury Creme Eggs every spring, and those whose teeth hurt just thinking about them. Me? I adore them. So I set out to make my own.

You begin with creating the shells by painting chocolate into egg-shaped molds:


While the shells set, you make the gooey filling – a simple mixture of corn syrup, butter, and powdered sugar.  To make the centers, you tint about a third of the mixture yellow to form the yolks, then surround each yolk with a disc of the white filling:


After the centers are prepared and the shells are set, place a center in between two shells.  I piped royal icing around the eggs to hide the seams:


And here’s what the center looks like when you cut into one – layers of chocolate, white, and yolk:


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