Chocolate Ricotta Mousse

Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Ricotta Mousse



Chocolate Chia Pudding


Chocolate Chia Pudding, adapted from Food & Wine  magazine

I added a few tablespoons of cocoa powder to this recipe to create a chocolate version of this virtuous dessert!  Or snack.  Or breakfast.


Agave Chocolate Pudding

Agave Chocolate Pudding from Gazing In


Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Bread Pudding


Pumpkin Mousse

Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Mousse

I threw this together when I got home around 11:30 night and had one of those, “Oh crap, I need to bake something for my work’s Thanksgiving potluck tomorrow!” moments.  Not wanting to get into the process of preheating ovens, softening butter, letting things cool, etc., I decided to whip together this mousse in about 15 minutes.

I forgot to take a photo so I’m just posting this one I found online…it looked just like this 🙂


Banana-Apple Puddings

Martha Stewart’s Banana-Apple Puddings

I’m not sure this recipe can technically be considered a pudding, but it’s a healthy alternative to one!  Pureed bananas and apples mix well with yogurt for a creamy dessert or snack.


Chocolate Brioche Pudding

Chocolate Brioche Pudding, from David Guas’s DamGoodSweet, as published in The Washington Post

What do you do with an ample supply of brioche and cream?  Make brioche pudding, of course!  How do you make it even more decadent?  Bathe the brioche in a thick chocolate custard!  And then top with powdered sugar!


Cannoli Cones

Martha Stewart’s Cannoli Cones

Looks like an ice cream cone, right?  Well it’s not – it’s cannoli filling in ice cream cone clothing.  In fact, my son thought this was ice cream even after he had finished his cone (and half of mine)!  If your cannoli urge strikes, this is an easier and more accessible twist on the original.


Maple Rice Pudding

Martha Stewart’s Maple Rice Pudding

Arborio rice (mostly known for making risotto) provides the base for this rice pudding.  I never would have thought of using Arborio rice in pudding, but it makes sense: this grain releases starch as it cooks, providing an added creaminess to the dish.  I substituted maple syrup for the honey in this recipe for a touch of autumn.


Caramel Custards

Martha Stewart’s Caramel Custards

A little bit of creamy salty-sweet goodness in a bowl…what else could you ask for?  And like the recipe says, this takes only about 10 minutes to prep, and requires only a few ingredients you probably already have on hand.

Random tip: custard can be fickle–some days it will cook up nice and silky, and other days the egg yolks will hate you and curdle despite your constant stirring and attention.  If this ever happens, your food processor or blender can save the day.  Once cooked, puree the lumpy mixture until it is smooth, and bake as normal.  This also works for frozen custard bases.


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