Brownie Pillow Cookies

Bakerella’s Brownie Pillow Cookies

Don’t you just hate when you want a brownie AND a cookie at the same time?  So few desserts, so little time… Well, what if you stuffed a brownie INSIDE a chocolate chip cookie?  Is your mind blown yet?  Yeah, I thought it might be.

These cookies are ENORMOUS when baked.  The unbaked cookies are the size of baseballs…because tucked inside each innocent-looking wad of cookie dough is a brownie square:


The baked cookies.  They look like your average chocolate chippers…


…until you break into one and see the hidden brownie surprise:



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  1. 11.04.13 at 11:47 am

    […] couldn’t let the leftover brownies from making Brownie Pillow Cookies go to waste.  Expecting company, I used the remaining 1/2-pan of brownies to make a treat with a […]

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