Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Popcorn

We made some caramel popcorn on our last beach trip that seriously rivaled Fisher’s (Ocean City’s version of crack, IMHO…I can’t trust myself alone with a full bucket of that stuff.)  What was most fun about making this, though, was the old-school “Caramel Corn’r” contraption we used (which I’m pretty sure is older than I.)

The machine makes it a pretty easy two-step process–pop some corn in oil in the base (with the plastic cover on top…I learned that lesson the hard way), then use the same base to mix and melt the caramel and coat the popcorn with it.

The addictive salty-sweet snack:


The retro caramel popcorn machine we used–check out the slick ’70s styling and dangerous electricity source (I could smell something burning when I turned it on–this thing would be a lawsuit waiting to happen if it were still in production):



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