Peach Pound Cake

Peach Pound Cake, as published in Southern Living magazine

I was reeeeeeally skeptical about making this cake after seeing the recipe.  It calls for an odd cake-making technique that requires you to dump all of the cake ingredients into your mixer in a certain order, and then mix away–unlike most other cake recipes that reply on carefully mixing ingredients in a certain order and manner in order to achieve the right consistency.  This was a special request from a friend, though, so I happily obliged (after I made her do the yeoman’s work of peeling the damn peaches.)

Well, this cake turned out AWESOME.  It took forever and a day to bake, but it was well worth the wait.  It had pound cake’s trademark dense crumb and was super-moist, and stayed that way for almost a week until we were finally able to polish it off (did I mention it was HUGE?)

So if you pick some peaches while they are in season, try them in this recipe for a great summertime treat.  This would be perfect for a picnic or barbeque and will impress your guests!



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