Flourless Walnut-Honey Batons

Flourless Walnut-Honey Batons

A little different from my flourless chocolate cookies, these batons are based on ground walnuts for their structure–and are held together with only a bit of honey.  That’s it!

I read this idea in a Washington Post Food section chat a few years ago–try it with your favorite kind of nuts, and in different shapes:

Try this flourless “cookie” that’s about as minimalist as you can get. Grind walnuts as finely as possible to just before they turn into paste. Empty into a bowl. Add spoonfuls of honey with a clean spoon, mixing with a different spoon, until the mixture becomes moldable. Add a tiny pinch of salt to taste. Put parchment on a cookie pan. Mold the dough into little bars and bake at low temperature (300 degrees) until done to your liking. 



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