“The Best” Granola

“The Best” Granola, adapted from David Lebovitz

We go through gallons of granola at my house, but I had always shied away from making my own because all of the recipes I had seen called for cup-fulls of oil to make it.  And though I’m not scare of a little oil or fat, it just seemed a bit much.

But then I stumbled across David Lebovitz’s version…and when he said this recipe was le top du top (the best of the best), I knew it would be awesome.  Because everything he makes is awesome.  And instead of relying on oil to make a cripsy, crunchy granola, he uses…applesauce.  The other thing we go through by the gallon in my house.

Instead of the almonds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds David uses in his recipe, I enlisted my son to help choose what kind of granola we would make, as he is an equal granola-eating partner in our house.  He chose to make a date, coconut, and pecan granola.  And he is THREE.  I was so proud of him for this display of good taste, and for making sophisticated, healthful selections.

You can alter this recipe many many ways.  Try substituting different purees, different spices and sweeteners (I used agave instead of rice syrup), and different fruits, nuts, and seeds for the “mix-ins”, as I call them.



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