Blackberry Sherbet

Blackberry Sherbet, from Susanna Tee’s Ice Cream: The Perfect Weekend Treat

Part two of my journey into my bucket of fresh-picked blackberries proved to be a dessert epiphany. I don’t think I’ve had sherbet since I was about 8 years old and had a paper cup of it from the sterile freezer in the cafeteria lunchroom. How come no one has told me since then this stuff is so awesome?

From what I’ve gathered, sherbet differs from sorbet in that it is stabilized with whipped egg whites, gelatin, or dairy, which all add a bit of creaminess to it. This recipe relies on egg whites, which not only softens the color of the ice cream into a beautiful pink, but makes the sherbet fluffy, almost like a meringue. Oh, and unlike ice cream, sherbet has NO FAT. Why have I not been making this stuff for years?

Making sherbet involves a few steps, but they are simple (and certainly simpler than those involved in making ice cream.) I first pureed and strained the berries, then made a simple syrup. Once the syrup was cooled, I mixed it with the puree and a some berry juice, then froze it in my ice cream maker, Just before the sherbet froze completely, I added the whipped egg whites to the mixture to finish the dessert.



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  1. 08.06.12 at 11:39 am

    […] was so pumped to try canning for the first time after my most recent blackberry picking excursion.  Buuuuut instead of picking the required 3 QUARTS of  berries needed for the […]

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