S’Mores Cookie Bars

S’Mores Cookie Bars, from Lovin’ From the Oven

Who says you need a campfire to eat s’mores?  Not me–I actually make s’mores in my microwave all the time (they’re especially fun to make with Peeps….)

I made these S’mores Cookie Bars for a bake sale, as they are hardy bars that sit, package, and transport well. They are really easy to make too–just a simple graham cracker crust, Hershey’s chocolate bars right out of the package, and marshmallow creme from a jar.

I made my own marshmallow creme for these bars, but it all kind of dissolved and melded with the chocolate.  If you want your marshmallow to ooze out of the bars like it does in the photo in the original post, I’d stick with bottled marshmallow creme and see if that works!

See how easy?  Just unwrap the chocolate bars, place them on the crust, and cover with marshmallow creme:


I drizzled melted chocolate on top of my bars to make them pretty:



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