Date-and-Almond Power Muffins

Date-and-Almond Power Muffins, adapted from The Washington Post

These are probably my favorite muffins I’ve ever made.  I made them as a healthy breakfast I can toss to my son to gobble down on the way to school on busy mornings (and, um, what morning ISN’T?), but I was surprisingly smitten by these!  With no white flour and only 3/4 cup of whole wheat flour, these muffins get their density and moisture from almond meal, bananas, and dates.  The dates get all soft and melty once they are baked in the muffins, and almost pass for chocolate chips.

These were plenty sweet with only 1/3 cup of sugar (meaning there’s only 1 teaspoon of added sugar in each muffin!) I just used regular organic 1% milk instead of the rice/oat/almond milk this recipe calls for, and substituted the cacao nibs with flaxseeds for extra omega power.  I baked some of these in jumbo muffins and will probably just bake them all that way next time – because you’ll want to eat more than one little muffin anyway.






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