Heart-Shaped Tortilla Chips

Heart-Shaped Tortilla Chips

So guess what I got stuck with bringing to the pre-school Valentine’s Day party?

Tortillas chips.


Of all the fun heart-themed cookies, cupcakes or candies I could have made, I got stuck with tortilla chips.  But did I run to the store and just buy a bag of Tostitos?

No.  I couldn’t.  I needed to contribute to the theme.  So I decided to cut a stack of tortillas into hearts and bake my own.  Which really is not that hard or time-consuming,  You can cut a few tortillas at once (which is  actually easier than cutting them one at a time), and they only take 5-7 minutes to bake.

The cut tortillas, coated in oil, salted and ready to bake:


The baked tortillas:



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