Apple Chips

Apple Chips, as published in The Washington Post

Did you go apple-picking and now don’t know what to do with the pounds and pounds of apples you carted home?  These apple chips are a great way to use them up.  These things DISAPPEAR–seriously, I made what seemed like a ton of these last week, and now they are all gone.  I don’t know where they went.  I know my two-year-old didn’t climb to the top of the pantry and grab them…it must have been the apple chip monster who ate them.

Any way, these are s-i-m-p-l-e.  Slice apples (use a mandoline or food processor for thin, uniform slices in a snap), coat them in cinnamon/ginger-sugar, and place them in a slow oven.  After a few tries, I found these baked best in my oven at 275 degrees for about an hour.  If yours don’t get crisp after baking at the recommended temperature and time, I’d bump up the temperature a little bit and check on them every 5-10 minutes until they are a nice golden color, and turn crisp after taking them off the baking sheet.  Keep an eye on them though–they can overcook in an instant!



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  1. 11.30.11 at 1:37 pm

    […] I’m still burning through the apples we picked six weeks ago…and I’m getting sick of them!  So what better way to use up a lot of apples at once […]

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