Blackberry Cloud Cake

Blackberry Cloud Cake


This dish was the perfect farewell ode to summer as I served it at my last outdoor gathering of the year.  It is light, yet complex and flavorful, and highlights the flavor of fleeting blackberries as they pass out of season.  It is technically a roulade, or roll, with a meringue base and filled with flavored whipped cream. Drooling yet?

You first prepare a meringue batter, and shape it into a rectangular shape on a baking sheet:



The meringue after baking (it really puffs up in the oven and looks a little crazy, but no bother–it will look great once rolled):






The filling is prepared by pureeing blackberries, then folding the puree into sweetened whipped cream:


You then spread the filling on top of the merngue, and just roll it into a log! A cross-section:
20110918-042452.jpgAn arial view:



A slice:


Serve with macerated blackberries and sliced almonds or pistachios:20110918-042516.jpg


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