White Chocolate Layer Cake with Nectarine Filling and White Chocolate Buttercream

White Chocolate Layer Cake with Nectarine Filling and White Chocolate Buttercream, adapted from Bon Appétit magazine

Do you need a showstopper cake to appeal to varied palates? MAKE THIS. Seriously, this is one amazing recipe. I made this cake for my sister’s baby shower, and I had people tell me this was the best cake they ever had and others even had dreams about it later that night. Is that enough to convince you?

Be warned, this cake is not quick, nor is it inexpensive, nor is it slimming. I doubled the recipe so it would feed the 40 guests we hosted (and I had none left over.)  This required me to purchase four pounds of white chocolate, three pounds of butter, a pound of nuts and four pounds of nectarines (the recipe originally called for apricots, but given their fleeting season, I instead substituted the abundant sweet, juicy nectarines you can find lining produce bins in early September.)  Look at all of the pieces this cake has going on:


The baby-of-honor’s nursery has an avian theme, so I created my cake (using Martha Stewart’s beautiful Sweet Songbirds wedding cake as inspiration) to resemble a nest cradling mother and baby birds. Cute, right?





  1. 09.15.11 at 11:13 am

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