Blackberry Summer Pudding

Blackberry Summer Pudding, adapted from The Washington Post

I recently inherited a few packs of leftover hamburger buns from a cookout I attended.  I wanted to make a bread pudding with them, and given the glut of blackberries populating my refrigerator and freezer, I sought out a berry bread pudding recipe to use up both of these ingredients.

Who knew that I could find recipe that could incorporate both of these things?  I came across this recipe for a “summer pudding” when reading a Post food section chat (when a poster had inquired what he or she could also do with leftover hamburger rolls), and was intrigued.

I had never heard of a summer pudding; it turns out it is a no-bake fruit and bread pudding. You start by lining a bowl with bread, cooking down some fruit with sugar until it releases its juices, filling the bread-lined bowl with the drained fruit, covering the fruit with more bread, and soaking the whole thing in the fruit juice. You then place a plate on top of the pudding and weigh it down so the bread absorbs the liquid and everything squishes together.

The thought of this conjured up visions of retro (gag-inducing) fifties-style molded jello salads.  After a little bit of research, though, I was surprised to see the summer pudding is alive and well.  I spotted several recipes for different versions of it among my many cookbooks .

I followed the Post’s recommendation for using soft, overripe berries in this pudding. They also suggest trying this pudding with frozen berries, which I imagine would work well since frozen berries tend to be juicier once thawed.

You first line a bowl with some of the bread:


You then fill the bowl with fruit, cover with the remaining bread, and douse the whole thing in the juice:


After letting it soak for a day or two, you unmold the pudding:


Here is what the pudding looks like inside:


And on a plate:



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  1. 08.08.11 at 9:41 pm

    […] staring to feel like Bubba Blue from Forrest Gump–blackberry bars, blackberry cake, blackberry pudding…and now blackberry crisp!  I subbed in peaches and blackberries for the plums and mixed […]

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