Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, adapted from Susanna Tee’s Rich Vanilla Ice Cream (from Ice Cream: The Perfect Weekend Treat) and’s Cookie Dough for Ice Cream

Oh yes I did!  I make ice cream a few times a week – usually just straight up chocolate, cinnamon or banana.  But my favorite kind of ice cream has STUFF mixd in it – like cookie dough!

Now before you call me crazy for making ice cream so frequently, let me show you this:

This is a single-serving ice cream maker.  I love it.  It makes enough ice cream for 1-2 people in under 10 minutes.  My son loves when we use it, and the small portions let me experiment without having tons of ice cream piling up in my freezer.

For this recipe I just made a vanilla custard base, and the cookie dough linked to above.  I added chopped chocolate chips to the dough, which I then froze in small pieces.  When I churned the ice cream, I added the chunks of frozen dough to the machine near the end of the freezing process once the ice cream was almost set.


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    […] 3. Freeze in a mini ice cream maker. […]

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