Cherry Toffy

Cherry Toffy, “mistakenly adapted” from Martha Stewart’s Cherry Tuiles

I have an admission: my baking is not perfect!  Sometimes I end up with a bag fat FAIL when I try something new.  Sometimes I end up with something completely different than what I intended, but still interesting and tasty just the same.

Fortunately this recipe turned out in this latter category.  I think I made the cookies from this recipe too large when I dropped them onto the baking sheet so they all melted together into one gooey sheet.  Once they cooled, I just ripped the layer of goo off the baking sheet and broke it up into bite-sized pieces.

They were good, but definitely not what Martha intended with this recipe!  The bits were a cross between toffee and taffy, hence my dubbing them “toffy” (“taffee” seemed too cutesy.)  Dried cherries stud the candy and taste great with the buttery caramel flavor of the resulting candy.


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