Chocolate Bread

Chocolate Bread, as published in The Washington Post

Chocolate?  In bread form?  Do I need to do any more convincing to get you to try this?  Like the Post description says, this recipe is not too sweet.  I’m thinking this would make a mean grilled cheese with Brie…  If you’d like something a little more dessert-y, try adding another quarter-cup or so of brown sugar.

Here you can see the yeast in action.  Here is the dough after kneading, before the first rise:

And here is the dough after the first rise – magic, right?  I always let my doughs rise in this trifle bowl because it is the perfect size, and you can see when the dough has doubled in size.

The formed loaves, before the second rise:

The finished loaves.  make sure you have some friends who want to help you eat this, because this recipe makes a ton of bread!

See the chunks of chocolate inside?  YUM.


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