Banana Oat Bran Mini-Muffins

Banana Oat Bran Mini-Muffins, adapted from Florence and Mickey Bienenfeld’s Healthy Baking

These are a healthy snack, with NO sugar or white flour.  These muffins get their sweetness from mashed ripe bananas and (don’t gag)…pureed raisins!  You simmer the raisins to soften them, then puree them so they smoothly blend into the batter.  It’s kind of like raisin jelly:

I made mini-muffins out of most of the batter because I wanted to send them to my son’s pre-school.  I made a few regular-sized muffins out of the leftover batter:

The recipe follows.  I cut this recipe in half and yielded two dozen mini-muffins and a half-dozen regular-sized muffins.  I also substituted 2 eggs instead of the 4 egg whites called for, and substituted allspice for ground coriander.


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