Lemon Tassies

Martha Stewart’s Lemon Tassies

I made this recipe to use up an extra lemon I had leftover from making Lemon Meringue Pie.  In retrospect, this seems like a lot of effort just to avoid wasting a lemon, no? You get a double punch of lemon with these tassies, as the crust is packed with lemon zest and the filling is made with fresh lemon juice.

I formed the tassie (Scottish for “small cup”) shells using Pampered Chef’s mini-tart shaper:

The baked shells:

The creamy lemon filling:

The finished tassies.  I didn’t have enough lemon peel to make the recommended candied zest to top the tassies, but wouldn’t these look pretty if I did?  Or perhaps topped with a perfectly plump raspberry?  Or drizzled with chocolate?

I had about twice as much filling as I needed for the tassies, so I poured the leftover filling into creme brulee dishes and refrigerated them – they should make some mean-tasting lemon custards!


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