Chick’s Nest Treats

Chick’s Nest Treats (with Homemade Marshmallow), adapted from and The Calgary Herald

I swear, nothing is simple, right?  I wanted to make some Easter treats for my son’s class to accompany the chick, nest and egg theme they are studying now.  I got distracted while melting the marshmallows though, and burned them beyond a usable state.  With my little boy in bed I wasn’t able to run out and get more, so what other option did I have except to make my own marshmallow?

Before the eye-rolling commences, you should know homemade marshmallow is deceptively easy to make – it’s just four ingredients people!  So I followed the recipe included above for marshmallow cream, and just substituted it for the marshmallows called for in the treats recipe.  I also added some Peeps chicks to the top of the nests to complete the theme.

Beating the marshmallow mixture until stiff peaks form:

The base of the nests.  You press the rice krispie treat mixture into muffin tins and form a well to add shredded coconut, tinted green, to form the nest.

Then add jelly beans or small chocolate eggs, and top with chicks!


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