Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake, from Florence and Mickey Bienenfeld’s Healthy Baking

I wanted to make something not completely white sugar- and flour-laden for my son to take to school to share with his class, so I turned to this book to see what I could find.  The cover boasts it contains “low-cholesterol, low-fat, low-salt and no sugar” recipes.  Sounds nasty, right?  When I’m baking for myself or other adults I don’t make any effort to make things healthy – that’s not the point of dessert.  But when it comes to my little boy, I’m pretty serious about feeding him things that are good for him.  Besides, the kid doesn’t know the difference anyway – he’s a Hoover when it comes to anything resembling a carb.

This cake has NO white sugar and relies on egg whites instead of whole eggs, yogurt instead of butter, and is based on whole wheat flour for an extra fiber and protein punch.  I was surprised at how well this turned out – this is a great treat for kids if you want to give them something somewhat healthy.


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