Tiramisu Macarons

Tiramisu Macarons, adapted from Weevalicious Recipes

This was my second attempt at macarons, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures when I made my first batch (a chocolate-hazlenut variety), so I never posted that recipe.  Macarons are a finicky sweet, and a perfect storm of scientific principles have to come together to produce perfect cookies.

I adapted this recipe in a few ways.  I did not bother heating the egg whites (no need), and beat them well past the point of “medium stiff peaks”–you need the whites to form pretty stiff, glossy peaks in order for the meringue to not break when you fold in the dry ingredients and pipe it onto the cookie sheets.

I also recommend starting with just 1-2 T. of rum when making the filling–despite my better judgment I dumped in the whole quarter-cup called for from the get-go, and had to add a ton more sugar and cheese to bring it back to a spreadable consistency (and even then it was still more liquidy than I would have preferred.)  I also made a chocolate ganache (about 1 c. chopped semi-sweet chocolate melted with about 2 T. cream), and filled the macarons with that in addition to the mascarpone buttercream.

The macarons pictured are among the last I piped so they were a bit more flat than the others, but they tasted fantastic all the same.


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