Apple Bars

Adapted form Martha Stewart’s Whole-Wheat Date Bars and Sarah’s Applesauce on

Wyatt is a fan of Nutri-Grain bars, so I wanted to make a healthier version for him with whole grains and less sugar.  Since I had some apples left over from a trip to the orchard earlier this autumn, I decided to make a chunky applesauce for the filling, instead of the date filling in Martha’s recipe.  I omitted the sugar in this applesauce recipe and cut the dark brown sugar in the bars to a half-cup.  They are still plenty sweet, with only a teaspoon of sugar in each one – less than a third of the sugar found in the store-bought version.  The bar recipe doesn’t specify how much baking soda to use, so I used a half-teaspoon, with good results.  I also substituted oat bran for the wheat bran because that is what I had on hand.

To prepare the apples, I used the apple peeler and slicer I mentioned when I made Caramelized Apple Crumb Cake.

Once you have the apples peeled and cut, it is so easy to make the applesauce it practically makes itself.

The pastry is a nice tan color from the whole grain flour and bran.

I tried experimenting with a few sizes of bars and used the scrap dough to make a few cookies.  I recommend following the recipe and sticking with making the size they recommend.

The finished product.

Take a look at the apple filling.


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