Bobby’s Caramel Cake

Paula Deen’s Bobby’s Caramel Cake

I copied this recipe from a Paula Deen cookbook years ago because I thought it sounded different.  When I needed to make a cake for my father’s birthday this week, I thought this would be perfect since his name is Bob, and caramel is reminiscent of October!

After baking yellow cake layers, you cook a caramel sauce and fill the layers and cover the entire cake with it.  I thought this would end up being a sticky mess when I went to frost the cake, but I refrigerated the cake after painting on the caramel, creating a smooth, hard surface on which to place the frosting.

I’ve worked with caramel frosting before – it is a pain in the but and this time was no exception!  You have to work quickly to cover the cake after you make the frosting because it hardens quickly and it is difficult to make a smooth surface.  Fortunately I have a talented sister who provided royal icing flowers to cover the imperfections!

And here’s a slice.  This frosting is VERY sweet – this cake is not for the faint-of-heart!


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